Harmonize Nature


About the author: Noriko Iwamoto

1979 - Born in Nagoya, Japan.
1986 - Moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, because of my father's work.
1992 - Moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, because of my father's work. Within the same year, moved to Binlieu of Paris, France, again because of my father's work.
1997 - Returned to Japan, went to university in Tokyo.
Met salsa dance, which I was crazy about for the next 3 years. Worked in a game software company as a secretary and then in a German company as PR.
2008 - Quit job. Went to the Galapagos Islands.
2009 - Joined an overland tour in South America to travel for 6 months. This trip was filmed and aired on NHK as a documentary TV series of 5 stories, 90 min each.
2011 - Joined Peace Boat 72nd voyage, around the world cruise, as a volunteer interpreter (English Japanese).
Left the cruise before returning to Yokohama, Japan, due to the nuclear disaster, and spent 2 months in France and the Netherlands.
Came back to Japan in June, then traveled to the wetsern part of Japan. Left Japan in December, flew to Brazil.
2012 - São Paulo-40days, Paris-30days, Spain-9days, and now in Toronto, Canada.