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CN Tower

CN tower

Super Moon


Cherry blossoms in High Park, Toronto

Interview Vol.1

I visited the self-sufficient Nikkei community called Communidade Yuba, located in Aliança, Brasil.
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Movie Vol.8

Samba dance show in São Paulo

Movie Vol.7

Ceage market in São Paulo.

Movie Vol.6

The welcome dance and music show at the landowner's house in Saudi Arabia.

Movie Vol.5

This monkey in Vassouras, Barreirinhas, Brasil, loves Guaraná as much as we do!

Movie Vol.4

Samba carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Tribute to Michael Jackson...

Movie Vol.3

Maned wolf in Pantanal, Brazil

Movie Vol.2

Tango in Buenos Aires

Movie Vol.1

Candombe in Montevideo, Urugay

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