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One day in the late February, as I flew to Barcelona from the mid-winter Paris, I could see the snow-covered Pyrénées mountain peeks through the window.

Gaudi architectures are awesome, but they are many more to see in Barcelona. This city is so uplifting and makes me so happy.


From Paris Bauvais, I took Ryan Air for the first time in my life and arrived at Barcelona El Prat airport in about 2 hours.
The train took me to Passeig de Gracia station in 20min and it only cost 3.5€.

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Casa Batlló was standing right outside of Passeig de Gracia station, and my hostel, Equiy Point Centric, was a few blocks away.
This cheap dormitory-type hostel is on the avenue of Passeig de Gracia. Great location.

As soon as I checked in, I talked to two Brazilian guys using the bunk bed next to mine. They were so friendly and nice, so I felt a huge saudade of Brazil!

All other guests shared the room were about 10 years yonger than me, and I realized from watching them that I was no longer able to cope with this type of environment. Meaning, I decided not to stay in hostel like this anymore.
This huge hostel can host about 400 travelers at the fare only 13€ per night during low season (24€ at high season), and the quality of breakafast, bed and bathroom is just about the right level for the price.

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City Walk

Shopping is one of the must-dos in Barcelona for sure. I couldn't resist buying the reasonablly-priced clothes displayed in inspiring and sophisticated ways.
People working in shops and restaurants in Barcelona speak English so naturally, almost like native speakers. What a difference form Parisiens!

Apparently this time of year, the end of February, is the best season to visit Spain. Accomodation is cheaper because it is low season, warm, winter clothes are on sale, and above all it is not too crowded so you don't need to wait in lines for the famous Gaudi architectures.

Gothic area is also amazing. I could walk for hours, looking up the stylish buildings, without feeling tired.

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Casa Milà

casa mila casa mila casa mila

Casa Milà was just a few blocks away from the hostel, so I walked there and arrived at 9am, the opening time.
There were not many visitors yet. Because night life is so attractive in this city, not many tourists wake up early.
The entrance fee was 15€. Only four families live in this fancy apartment building, and we can visit the rest of the space, starting from the roof-top area.
At first glance, the interior design looks not that eccentric, but soon you will realize that the details are so unique; every part of objects is round and carefully designed to avoid straight lines and sharp edges.

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Sagrada Familia

sagrada familia sagrada familia sagrada familia sagrada familia

The 4 towers cahght my eyes as soon as I got out of the metro station Sagrada Familia. I always had the impression that they are enormously tall and still keep growing, however they are only 65m high, according to the guide.
I waited less than 20min to enter. You need to pay extra 3€ if you want to go to the top of the towers by the elevator. (Note: This ticket booth does not accept credit card but only cash.)

As I stepped inside I was amazed by the organic curves and the vertical lines that went up and up. Interior was just as gorgeous as exterior.

sagrada familia sagrada familia sagrada familia sagrada familia sagrada familia

Although there were many visitors, it was very quiet and pecaful, and everyone seemed to have his/ her own introspective moment.

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Park Güell

parc guell parc guell parc guell parc guell

I went to the Park Güell in early morning with the bus No.24 which leaves from Plaça de Catalunya. This bus runs through Passeig de Gracia and to the small entrance of the park on the east side in 30min.
I enjoyed the ride because the passengers were all local people going to work, and the view from the window showed non-touristic part of Barcelona.

From the viewpoint of the park, you can have the entire view of the city, including the silhouette of Sagrada Familia and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

There is a house where Gaudi actually lived in this park and it is now The Gaudi House Museum. It opens at 10am, and the entrance fee is 5.5€. You can also buy the ticket at Sagrada Familia, and it is cheaper if you visit them both.

At the main terrace with the famous long bench decorated with the mosaic art, you can enjoy the feeling of the back of the bench perfectly fit to the curve of your back. Gaudi was the first peroson who designed products according to the idea of ergonomics.

After 10:30am, the park became crowded and uncomfortable, so I left.

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Caixa Forum

caixa forum

This photo is MNAC.

The cultural center called Caixa Forum is located near Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and Espanya station, and constantly having entrance free art exhibitions. When I went they had Delacroix.
You can go up to the roof-top and have a great view of the MNAC. There is pretty cafe which has Wi-Fi inside.
Open 7 days a week, 10am to 8pm, perfect to stop by for a coffee.

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Casa Asia

Casa Asia is near Diagonal station and is entrance free. It has nothing to do with Gaudi, but one of the interesting architectures you might want to have a look.

It seems like they always have events or exhibitions. I've been to the exhibition about journalism and it was very well done. They showed the film Persepolis and other documentary films.

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