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le ballot flurin


A small town in the Hautes-Pyrénées department, locaed at the border of the Pyrénées National Park.

Famous for ski and spa. See the official website for the details.

Ballot Flurin

le ballot flurin le ballot flurin le ballot flurin

We've been to Cauterets to visit the showroom of Ballot Flurin.

le ballot flurin le ballot flurin le ballot flurin

Almost all of the line-ups are here in this store. The bee hives and the factory are in another town in the Pyrénées, but there are some bees here, too.
It is all about respecting and loving the bees; and that is this company's policy.
Everything they sell is organic. Local people come constantly to buy. They are regulars and they already know what they want.

After this visited I sold soaps and creams to the Japanese customes for a while, and everybody loved these top quality products. Ballot Flurin manufactures food as well, not only cosmetic products.
Mass production is not their style, because they want to keep the quality of the products.

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