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Malaga is well-known for being where Pablo Picasso was born.

It is the entrace of Andalucía, as well as a beautiful port town.

Malaga and I

malaga malaga malaga

It was my 4th time in Malaga. I came here when I was a kid, twice in summer, and the 3rd time was the Peace Boat.

My CC friend from Peace Boat, Michiko, suggested to come to Malaga, where she lived, when I complained to her that Paris was too cold. Ryan Air had about 80€ round-trip ticket to Malaga from Paris Bauvais.

malaga malaga malaga malaga

I realized after visiting Malaga and Baeza where I went after Malaga, that I loved oriel windows, especially on old buildings. The older it was, the more I was attracted.

On a sunny day, Michiko and her friend took me to walk in the fortress Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro, where I enjoyed the great view of the entire city, the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea.
There were cruise ships like Peace Boat and I clearly remembered about a year ago. There was construction going on inside the harbor back then, but now it is all done and pretty.

malaga malaga malaga malaga
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malaga malaga malaga malaga malaga

I had so much fresh and delicious seafood in Malaga. Because it was still the season of sea urchin, I enjoyed it so much, as well as raw oyster and other local shells.
Not only seafood, I had a plenty of jamón serrano. Michiko took me for breakfast of churros (Brazilian churros is covered with sugar but basically it's the same thing. Deep fried like a doughnut), café on leche, and fresh orange juice, which I absolutely loved. As for café con leche, you can choose the amount of coffee.
Malaga is always sunny and beautiful, everything has reasonable price, and anything you eat is so good. Although the economic situation was terrible, I couldn't help thinking how rich in true meaning people were.

In Centro, there is a Japanese restaurant whose owner is Spanish and the chef is Japanese. I enjoyed authentic sushi with fresh fish of Malaga.

Restaurant Name: Zenart
Address: C/ Mundo nuevo, 3, 29012 Malaga

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Catedral de Málaga

malaga malaga malaga malaga

The official name of this cathedral is La Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación. The construction started in 1528 and ended in 1782, but it was never finished.
Because it took so long, the style of architecture is different from the bottm to the top. Not only that, this building is not symmetric, because the south tower was never finished.
Did the workers just give up? Or did they lose a sponsor? I hope the same won't happen to Sagrada Familia. I want to see it all done.

Address: C/ Molina Lario 9, 29015 Málaga
Entrance fee: (Regular) 5€

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Night Life

There are so many clubs in Centro, and the locals of any age are out all night long from Thursday to Sunday. Most of them are entrance free.
Everybody is having fun, and the city is safe. Clubbing seems to be a part of people's life.


Salsa club: A Sucar
Address: C/Juan de Padilla, Plaza Mitjana (Centro)

I went on Saturday night. The leves was intermediate to advanced, not too crowded, and it was not Cuban style.

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Access to Centro

There is a bus that takes you to straight to Centro from the airport. The city bus fare is 1.2€, but the airport bus cost a bit more. The taxi cost 22€.
From Centro to the bus terminal and Malaga station (they are next to each other), you can walk but it is not very close. There are buses running, of course.

malaga malaga malaga malaga malaga
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